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Master of Horror Stephen King Says Trump is ‘Scarier’ Than His Novels

“It was a boogeyman of mine, and I never wanted to see him actually on the American political scene,” the author said

Stephen King

Author Stephen King speaks at Book Expo America in New York.


Author Stephen King knows a thing or two about horrifying, terrifying, chilling, and even creepy subject matter. So, for him to say that something or someone is scarier than his work should make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. In a new video from NowThis News the prolific storyteller did just that.

In the video, the author was asked whether he thought the Donald Trump presidency was scarier than one of his novels, and he replied, “Short answer to that is yes, I do. I do think it’s scarier.”

King discussed the similarities of his 1979 novel and 1983 motion picture The Dead Zone, a sci-fi/thriller that followed the rise of a “real estate con man” turned political demagogue, to the current occupant of the White House.

“I was sort of convinced that it was possible that a politician would arise who was so outside the mainstream and so willing to say anything that he would capture the imaginations of the American people,” King said.

King explained how the main character in his story, Greg Stillson, was at first taken as a joke because of the stunts he’d pull at his rallies. The author then spoke of how Stillson used bikers that supported him at his events to “make sure nobody heckled him”—something that is eerily reminiscent to Trump rallies even now.

King then explained that it wasn’t so much of a premonition but more of assessment of the American public that lead him to believe that of a Greg Stillson type could actually ascend to power one day.

“I know that American voters have always had a real attraction to outsiders with the same kind of right-wing ‘America First’ policy,” King said. “And if that reminds people of Trump, I can’t be sorry because it was a character that I wrote. It was a boogeyman of mine, and I never wanted to see him actually on the American political scene, but we do seem to have a Greg Stillson as president of the United States.”


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