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Stephen Colbert Can’t Get Enough Of ‘Bernie Sandwiches’ on ‘Late Show’

Vermont senator sits down with late-night host day after New Hampshire primary win

It’s no secret that Stephen Colbert has been feeling the Bern since he took over the reins of the Late Show, and following the Vermont senator’s huge primary win Tuesday, the late-night host was eager to talk about Bernie Sanders‘ victory. “How about that New Hampshire primary last night! I cannot wait to get over to my desk over there and talk about the unprecedented clustermunch it was,” Colbert tells the audience. However, Colbert acknowledged that he had to follow the usual routine of his late-night program.

Still, Colbert’s desk beckoned him, emanating an aura of red smoke that urged the host to sit down and talk Sanders. With the host trying to do the responsible thing, Sanders himself emerged from backstage to help Colbert finish out his opening monologue. “Stephen, you can do what you want and be responsible,” Sanders told Colbert, who responded, “Senator, these shows are supposed to open up with a host talking to camera.”

“Stephen, that’s what the elites want you to think,” Sanders said. “You’ve got to follow your heart. Go your own way. The revolution is possible; you are the revolution. And this time the revolution will literally be televised.” Sanders then assisted Colbert in introducing the night’s guests, which included himself.

Finally at his desk, Colbert then spent eight minutes discussing what happened at the New Hampshire primary, where Sanders and Donald Trump dominated the polls. “Don’t you say you saw this coming! ‘Oh, I saw this coming.’ Shut up! You did not see this coming,” Colbert said. “Maybe you saw this coming last Friday but not six months ago. Remember how these guys launched their campaigns? Trump making his slow descent down Stair Force One and Bernie Sanders announcing in what appears to be a public park with more microphones in attendance than people.”

After poking fun at Marco Rubio and John Kasich, Colbert then mocked MSNBC host Chris Hayes, who accidentally referred to Bernie Sanders as “Bernie Sandwiches” during the New Hampshire primary coverage. “A name everyone can get behind, because he’s not a member of the old boys club; he fights the rich guys on behalf of the po’boys,” Colbert said, using sandwiches to hammer his point. “Someone with a trusting open face, and will surely win Florida by appealing to Cubans and – this is a French dip, so – au Jewish candidate.”

Finally, Sanders sat down with Colbert to refute Bill O’Reilly’s claims on the previous night’s Late Show that he and Trump were the same kind of candidate:


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