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Stephen Colbert Begs Mitt Romney to Save GOP From Donald Trump

“They have woken up in bed with this guy but they’re not taking it lying down,” Colbert says of GOP’s efforts to derail Trump nomination

Stephen Colbert has spent the past few weeks coming to the realization that President Trump might happen, and it’s a concern he now shares with the Republican party itself. However, on The Late Show‘s latest “Road to the White House,” the host examined the not-so-secret weapon that could usurp the party’s presidential nomination away from Trump: Mitt Romney.

Donald Trump‘s big win on Super Tuesday has made it clear that he is the likely nominee of the Republican party, and that has sent the Republican establishment into a deep, deep panic,” Colbert said Thursday. “They don’t want to be with this guy, but the voters are choosing this; it’s like an arranged marriage, and unlike Trump’s other marriages, this one could last eight years. They have woken up in bed with this guy but they’re not taking it lying down.”

Colbert mentioned how Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other leaders of the party promised to drop Trump “like a hot rock” if the mogul lands the nomination, and how the GOP tried “a new approach of a very old approach” to derail the Trump train: They “released the Romney.”

“They broke the seal on Mitt’s hyperbaric dignity chamber,” Colbert said of the former GOP presidential candidate who called Trump a “phony” during a press conference Thursday where he also slammed the mogul’s business acumen. “Trump has put his name on some terrible investments. For example, four years ago, he endorsed Mitt Romney for president.”

The host then criticized Romney’s suggestion that conservative voters unify to support different non-Trump candidates in state primaries – Marco Rubio in his native Florida, John Kasich in Ohio, etc. – in order to prevent Trump from securing the necessary delegates to cement the nomination. It’s a strategy Colbert likens to a reality show, and that’s something Trump is an expert in.

In the end, Colbert only sees one way out of an inevitable Trump GOP nomination, suggesting that Romney himself reenter the ring.


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