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Theresa May Romanced by Winston Churchill in ‘SNL’ Brexit Skit

The UK prime minister just can’t catch a break

UK Prime Minister Theresa May was having a very bad day, until Winston Churchill came along and swept her off her feet.

In a Brexit music video skit on Saturday Night LiveKate McKinnon played the embattled May, who has been trying mightily to secure a deal to let Britain leave the European Union. We saw McKinnon’s May having a very bad day as she was lambasted by the media as incompetent, heckled by fellow Brits on the street, fell into a puddle, and shat upon by birds. Nothing went right for May until she dreams that Winston Churchill (played by host Kit Harrington) took her away from her problems with a romantic dance.

As musical guest Sara Bareilles crooned “She Used to Be Mine,” May and Churchill danced together cheek-to-cheek, all of May’s problems seemed to float away. Indeed, there was Jeremy Corbyn congratulating her on a job well done: “You’ve solved Brexit and you’ve saved Britain!”

But, sadly, that was the moment May woke up to discover it was all a dream as she was once again reminded of reality as a BBC reporter tells the audience that May has lost control of Brexit.

The sketch, which was somewhat buried in the show near the end, was a great example of McKinnon’s talent for physical comedy as she donned a Union Jack leotard and danced her heart out as May.


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