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See Keegan-Michael Key in Hilarious New Campaign Clip

Comedian pitches in for Illinois gubernatorial candidate Chris Kennedy in funny new spot

Keegan-Michael Key plays himself as an overeager new volunteer on Illinois gubernatorial candidate Chris Kennedy’s campaign in a comedic new clip ahead of next week’s primary election. 

In the three-minute video, Key presents a series of “election-winning great ideas” for the candidate, including getting the FBI to tap Kennedy’s phones, a phony Obama robocall (using Key’s spot-on impression) and removing campaign-office toilets for a tax break. It all leads to Kennedy reciting some of his campaign pledges and a twist that takes a jab at Kennedy’s Democratic challenger, J.B. Pritzker.

The race turned especially heated last night at a debate, when Kennedy targeted Pritzker, a billionaire venture capitalist, calling him a liar regarding his ties to offshore shell companies where he could be sheltering himself from taxes. 

“I’ve hired a lot of people and I can tell you just one piece of advice to the voters of this state: You should never hire someone who lies to you during a job interview,” Kennedy said, according to Chicago Tribune. “If they’ll lie to you to get the job, they’ll lie to you to keep the job. And you do not want a liar as the governor of the state of Illinois.”

Kennedy later said he invested in a fund similar to Pritzker’s but that it files in the United States. At another juncture, he simply said, “Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie,” when Pritzker said that Kennedy and fellow candidate Daniel Biss had gone on the attack. He also went after Biss, who once sponsored illegal legislation that would cut people’s pensions, alleging he was a puppet. “There’s nothing that a Democrat can do that’s worse than what you did,” Kennedy said to Biss.

“We’re in the last five days of a campaign,” Pritzker said at the debate. “It’s clear they’re behind and this is how they intend to run the rest of the campaign. In fact, they’ve been running it this way all along – quite negatively.”

Voters will decide who the Democratic candidate will be at the primary on March 20th. The general election is set for November 6th.

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