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See Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper Discuss Smoking Pot, Growing Weed

The politician also explains why he hasn’t sampled any of Colorado’s legal marijuana supply

In 2012, when Colorado residents were contemplating whether or not to become the first state in country to fully legalize marijuana, their governor, John Hickenlooper, came out against the measure. Among other things, Hickenlooper worried about the effect easier access to weed would have on teenagers’ developing brains and about whether or not it would cause large spikes in marijuana use. 

It wasn’t because Hickenlooper was morally opposed to pot use – in fact, as he wrote in his 2016 memoir, The Opposite of Woe: My Life in Beer and Politics, that he smoked quite a bit in his day. Hickenlooper recently stopped by Rolling Stone, where he talked about the first time he got high, growing his own supply and why he hasn’t sampled any of Colorado’s legal weed.

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