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RZA Is Ready for a Female President

“When it says, ‘All men are created equal,’ look at what that means: black men, brown men, red men, yellow men, white men, wo-men,” Wu-Tang producer says


HOLLYWOOD, CA - FEBRUARY 04: Actor, musician RZA attends the 6th Annual AAFCA Awards at Taglyan Cultural Complex on February 4, 2015 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Unique Nicole/Getty Images)

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One day after Barack Obama was elected president in 2008, RZA gave an interview saying that the election signified America “practicing our principles passed down by our forefathers” in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. With the country in election season again, the Wu-Tang mastermind tells Rolling Stone that those same principles should allow the country to be ready for a female president.

“I would be onboard with [a female president] because I understand that the world has yin and yang, and that would be very interesting for our country in the sense of its history,” RZA says. “Seeing Barack Obama become president echoes the struggle for blacks to get out of slavery and then to see that somebody, 100-plus years later, can grow to be in that position. But even after slavery was abolished, women’s rights were still not and they still had to fight for the right to vote. Why not take it another step further and give a female a chance?”

The rapper invoked the Declaration of Independence again when relaying his support for a female president. “When it says ‘All men are created equal,’ look at what that means: That means black men, brown men, red men, yellow men, white men, wo-men. She’s a form of a man as well,” RZA says. “Everybody starts off as that same cluster of cells, so I’m into that. I would support that.”

The producer-rapper stopped short at endorsing Hillary Clinton or Carly Fiorina — “I haven’t read into [Hillary’s] policies and what she’s going to hook up” — but says that the impact of electing a female president would be as significant as Obama’s win.

“Look at America: we represent history, and we represent the world in a certain way. People look at us as a beacon,” says the rapper. “And Barack Obama winning twice was a beacon of, ‘Okay, this country, potentially, is shifting dynamics, and is accepting its people as people, as Americans, and not declassifying them because of that.’ And for that to happen for a women as well is probably past overdue.”

Still, the musician remains skeptical of all the current presidential candidates. “I’ll just echo my wife: She was like, ‘These are the people that are striving to be the next president of the United States?!’ I definitely do not support Donald Trump, but I love his style of talking. I’m from New York and he’s just a New Yorker, man. He’s just like, ‘Hey! They said [the GOP debate] was three hours. I made it two hours in two seconds.’ What the fuck that got to do with president shit? I don’t know, but….

“I’m not supporting none of those [candidates], though,” he adds. “No disrespect, but it’s like hiring a midget to play for the Lakers.”

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