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RuPaul McRompson

Let me get this straight:

Rudy's top advisers are into coke, hookers, race baiting and flattening Persia.

John McCain has less money than Ron Paul and just fired (as in axed) his campaign's top guns, leaving him essentially dead in the water.

Fred Thompson, the supposed Christianist savior, was by all indications a lobbyist for an abortion group in the '90s, and a mole for Nixon during Watergate.

And Mitt Romney has become such a poster child for inconstancy, that he gets ribbed for it on SportsCenter.

I just don't see it: How does any of these jokers get nominated?

My money's on Mitt right now. Especially now that McCain's search-and-destroy oppo-research master Terry Nelson has left the building.

Am I wrong?


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