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Rudy’s Line

Intensive questioning has to be used. Torture should not be used.The line between the two is a difficult one. — Rudy Giuliani

That line is not difficult. It’s the line between us. And them. Or at least it was until Bush and Cheney and Yoo and Addington and Gonzales came into the picture.

The only way to make sure that intensive questioning does not rise to the level of torture is to stop far, far short of torture.

Tragically, this administration decided to tip-toe up to the line. And then started to creep over it. With dogs. And stress positions. Leaping in whole hog with partial drownings, sleep deprivation, and hypothermia.

And at each step they tried to re-draw the line, to crookedly accommodate their latest transgressions. And now our government is practicing the techniques of Torquemada and Stalin and Pol Pot. And “intensive questioning” has led to blood-streaked prison cells, and dead or disappeared prisoners.

No Rudy. The line isn’t difficult. Not if you’re determined that this is the evil America will never again become:


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