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Roy Moore Should Probably Sit the Next Few Plays Out

The accused pedophile thinks Republicans should “take a stand” in the face of the sexual assault accusation against Brett Kavanaugh

Roy MooreRoy Moore

Roy Moore

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Roy Moore’s Alabama Senate candidacy sank last year after the rootin’, tootin’ judge was bombarded with allegations of sexual misconduct just over a month before the election. Not surprisingly, he has some thoughts on Brett Kavanaugh. The man responsible for a Democrat now holding a Senate seat in one of the reddest states in the nation recently called into the One America News Network to sound off on what he perceives as unfair treatment of conservative candidates. Moore, who never officially conceded in the Alabama Senate race he lost last December, is currently suing several of the women who accused him of sexually predatory behavior.

“I think it’s reflective of what’s really happening, that these allegations come in the midst of a Senate confirmation for a position on the United States Supreme Court, as they did in my case, just 32 days before the election,” Moore said of the allegation against Kavanaugh. “I think they don’t care about transparency. They just use it because it’s effective. They know that on the one hand you offend women if you believe somebody that says they weren’t guilty of sexual misconduct. On the other you, if you don’t believe them, then you’re condemning the person accused [before they can] prove their own innocence. It’s a catch-22.”

Though Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, alerted her representatives of the alleged assault following Kavanaugh’s nomination this summer, the details of the allegation, and Ford’s identity, were only revealed on Sunday. The proximity of the claim’s publication to the vote to confirm Kavanaugh, which had been scheduled to take place this week, has led many Republicans to cry foul. Some have dismissed Ford’s account out of hand. Others have called for her to testify publicly on Monday. All of them have struck down the prospect of an FBI investigation, which Ford requested in a letter sent to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) earlier this week. “It is imperative the Judiciary committee move forward on the Kavanaugh nomination and a committee vote be taken ASAP,” tweeted Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC), who also accused Democrats of “delaying the process till after the midterm elections.”

While speaking with OANN, Moore agreed that Republicans should press on, while criticizing the Republicans who have expressed a desire to hear what Ford has to say. “I think they need to take a stand,” he said. “They need to do what their conscience dictates. They know what’s happening. It’s so obvious that these tactics are used just days before a very important event like a confirmation, right in the midst of a confirmation hearing … I think Republicans need to take a stand. A lot of them don’t. They don’t like criticism.”

Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL), who holds the Senate seat Moore had been favored to win before he was flooded with allegations of sexual misconduct, called not only for an FBI investigation, but for Mark Judge, the friend who was allegedly in the room when the alleged assault took place, to be subpoenaed.

Though Moore’s rich history of alleged sexual assault may preclude him from offering a legitimate opinion on Ford’s claim, he isn’t the only politician accused of misconduct by multiple women to dismiss the need for an investigation. “It would seem that the FBI really doesn’t do that,” President Trump told reporters, falsely, on Wednesday. “They’ve investigated about six times before, and it seems that they don’t do that.”


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