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Rove Dogs Democrats

The Plank points to newly combatitive language from the mouth of Karl Rove: “If Murtha had his way,” Karl told a gathering of GOP faithful in New Hampshire, “American troops would have been gone by the end of April, and we wouldn’t have gotten Zarqawi.”

It’s remarkable how lines like this get recycled. In 2004, Rove & Co. said the same thing about Howard Dean and Saddam. But in this case the attack is demonstrably untrue. I’m not sure I agree with Murtha’s redeployment plan, but the Zarqawi op is the perfect example of what the U.S. can accomplish from the perifery.

Our planes zoom in, drop a bomb, and let the Iraqi police clean up the mess. Even in the most ambitious redeployment scenario, we’d clearly have Special Forces available to swoop in and pick up the body, as was done in the Zarqawi case.

If anything the Zarqawi op proves Murtha’s point. We can continue to strike at terrorists in Iraq, while robbing al Qaeda of easy targets for payback.


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