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Ron Paul Has Huge Cajones

I’ve been watching the Republican Univision debate broadcast from Miami — centro del universo anti-Castro — and he just went there:

We talked to Stalin, Kruschev, and Mao. We’ve talked to the whole world. Actually I believe we’re at a time where we ought to talk to Cuba, open travel with Cuba, trade with Cuba. We create the Castro’s and the [Hugo] Chavez’s of this world by interfering and creating chaos in their countries, and they respond by throwing out their leaders.*

Needless to say he was almost booed out of the building for this Bullworth moment.

The look on John McCain’s face during a cut-away — clenching his jaw to fight back the giggles — was absolutely priceless.

UPDATE: Here’s the clip…

*The quote’s not quite exact as I’m having to re-translate the voiceover translation that is drowning out the original English answers.


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