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Rolling Stone, Bill Maher Promote Safe Sex at DNC

Ex-surgeon general Joycelyn Elders, the Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA and about a zillion condoms were among the strange-bedfellows highlights of Rolling Stone‘s Democratic National Convention party at the Sherman Center Monday night. Co-sponsored by Trojan Condoms, the event climaxed with a 45-minute stand-up routine by comedian Bill Maher. He won the crowd in his opening minutes with old-fart John McCain jokes — he suggested Obama plagiarized a speech from Hillary Clinton, who stole it from her husband, who stole it from John F. Kennedy, who stole it from Abraham Lincoln, who stole it from . . . McCain. On the red carpet beforehand, Maher mused about how to reunite the party with angry Hillary Clinton supporters. “Women think a man once again screwed them over somehow,” he said. “If we just threw Barack Obama’s clothes out on the lawn and set them on fire, we would get it out of our system and we could all unite.”

Inside, Daryl Hannah glided through the crowd in a small black dress just before Maher’s hilariously profane stand-up routine, which relentlessly mocked not only Republicans but Oval Office blowjobs and the entire Christian religion. Beforehand, attracting little attention, Dr. Elders, who was fired by President Clinton after publicly encouraging masturbation, made perhaps the most sense of all. In 1992, she said she often encountered young people who were unaware of Clinton’s MTV-fueled campaign. That’s not the case with Obama. “You almost don’t run into them — even down to high school,” she says. “I think they feel, ‘He’s my candidate.'”


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