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Roger Stone Goes After Deceased First Lady in Defense of Trump

“Well she’s dead and he’s president—who won that one?” Stone wrote

Roger Stone leaving court

Roger Stone, a longtime political advisor to US President Donald J. Trump, departs after a hearing at the DC Federal District Court.


Are there constituents among the American electorate who love the trashing of dead people? If so, President Donald Trump has cornered that market. Weeks ago Trump hammered the now-deceased Sen. John McCain because he can’t get past McCain’s famous thumbs-down vote on legislation that would have taken away healthcare from millions of Americans, but more than that, our insecure president could never get over the personal slights McCain dished out regarding Trump over the years.

Now the president has set his sights on bashing another dead person, former first lady Barbara Bush, and his longtime partner in crime Roger Stone, has his back.

In a recently released book “The Matriarch: Barbara Bush and the Making of a Dynasty,” the former first lady referred to Trump as a “symbol of greed” and “blamed Donald Trump for her heart attack,” The Hill reported. Of course Trump would not let that go unanswered telling the Washington Times, that he has “heard that she was nasty to me, but she should be. Look what I did to her sons.”

That’s when Stone felt the need to jump on the bash-dead-people train. He defended the president with an an ugly Instagram post calling Bush names, even resorting to a juvenile line that one would expect to hear from the mouths of grade-school boys: “Well she’s dead and he’s president—who won that one?” Stone wrote.

With this president, his friends, and his administration, we’ve sadly learned that there is no bottom.


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