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Rand Paul: Public Health Care Just Like Slavery

Forwarded to me by friend Joe Sonka at barefootandprogressive, here is a very amusing clip of Rand Paul squaring off against Bernie Sanders on the issue of health care.

With an absolutely straight face, Rand Paul in this exchange compares public health care to slavery. He says that if everyone has a right to health care, that means that people can come to his office – Rand is a doctor, after all – and “conscript” him to provide service.

Bernie’s response to Paul is amusing, but there’s one other aspect of this whole scene that to me is worth pointing out. Tea Partiers like Paul have an incredible characteristic; they are absolutely obsessed with fantasies of victimhood and discrimination. You will seldom see them pass up an opportunity to describe themselves as repressed minorities. Most white people with shame will tend to avoid describing the condition of being a rich yuppie doctor whose parents put him through school as “slavery” – not Rand Paul. It’s the same way Glenn Beck compared having health care passed to being blasted with water hoses, even invoking pictures of sixties anti-black outrages to describe the plight of modern opponents to health care… if you can listen to this stuff and not piss yourself with shame, you have a serious problem.


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