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Rachel Maddow: Trump ‘Says Stuff That Has Never Been Said Before’

“I can’t imagine that he actually wants to be president,” MSNBC host tells Jimmy Fallon of Trump’s headline-making campaign

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow has a tough job trying to sort through the madness of American politics. But Donald Trump‘s headline-making presidential campaign has given her some clarity. “I feel like my job every day is [that] I paint houses with a nail polish brush. That’s my job every day, to fill in a little, tiny piece of it,” she tells Jimmy Fallon in this clip from her Thursday Tonight Show spot. “And then, one day, I came to work, and God was like, ‘Actually, today, you get a power sprayer! Do a few houses today.’ That’s what it means to have Donald Trump in politics! God bless you – you’ve made it so easy!”

Maddow and Fallon discuss the off-putting – if refreshing – bluntness of Trump’s unapologetic run. “He says stuff that has never been said before, which is why everybody puts a camera on him every time he starts talking,” Maddow says. “Doesn’t mean that the things he’s saying should have ever been said!”

The political commentator expresses doubts about Trump’s actual long-term goals, saying she “can’t imagine that he actually wants to be president” because of the job’s stress and physical toll. 

“Look at what happens to people who become president,” she says. “Barack Obama is 40 years older… George W. Bush went from a charismatic frat boy to a retired university president who’s fallen on hard times.

“Donald Trump is supposedly running this giant business empire, but he’s taking a few months off to run for president in his spare time while doing nothing on his business and everything seems to be fine,” she continues. “I don’t think he usually has to work very hard, so I can’t imagine being president seems like fun. Maybe he could be elected and then he’d outsource it to somebody. ‘China will do it for three dollars, it turns out!'”

After venting about the GOP hopeful, Maddow and Fallon decide to relax by making a cocktail, “The Millionaire,” “in honor and in thanks for Donald Trump being involved in U.S. presidential politics and making our jobs that much easier.”

“I have to tell you: It is a terrible drink,” Maddow warns, mixing the bitter (lime juice) with the sweet (sloe gin, apricot brandy) for their climactic Trump toast.


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