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A Ridiculous QAnon Conspiracy Forced a Small Charter School to Cancel a Fundraiser

The Trump-loving cult thought James Comey was wise to a Deep State hit job on the Grass Valley Charter School Foundation’s Blue Marble Jubilee

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A few weeks ago the #FiveJobsIveHad hashtag began trending on Twitter. The idea was that successful intellectual types could prove their Regular Joe bonafides by letting their followers know that they once waited tables, or whatever. Former FBI Director James Comey — whose Twitter presence since his departure from the Justice Department has been … interesting — decided to participate.


What Comey didn’t anticipate was QAnon conspiracy theorists latching onto the tweet, which ultimately forced the Grass Valley Charter School Foundation to cancel its Blue Marble Jubilee, a fundraiser that had been scheduled to take place on Saturday. Yes, really.

In case you forgot, QAnon is a still-growing cult of Trump-loving conspiracy theorists who believe all of the president’s enemies will soon be arrested en masse for, among other things, harvesting the blood of children. The collective’s beliefs are based on cryptic missives from an anonymous forum poster, Q, who claims to have high-level governmental security clearance, as well as the hare-brained codebreaking efforts of Q’s devotees.

They were busy at work on the #FiveJobsIveHad tweet from Comey. Behold:

“#FiveJobsIve Had” is code for Five Jihad(s), naturally, and the first letters of the five jobs listed, GVCSF, could only refer to a small charter school foundation in northern California. The “FF” in “FF ALERT” stands for “false flag,” indicating Comey was aware of some sort of Deep State-orchestrated attack meant to smear conservatives that would take place at the Blue Marble Jubilee. Joe M, a QAnon account with over 100,000 followers, quote-tweeted the theory, writing, “Nothing better happen at Grass Valley Charter School (@gvcharter) during their Blue Marble Jubilee on May 11, Jim.”

That was all it took. The idea that the Blue Marble Jubilee was in danger spread across QAnon Twitter, leading people to call and email the school, local law enforcement and the FBI to warn of a potential attack. “The school became aware when these followers of this conspiracy theory guy started contacting the school and the police department, letting us know there was this plot that was being uncovered and that we had to be sure to protect the kids and the site,” Sgt. Brian Blakemore of the Grass Valley Police Department told the San Francisco Chronicle. “The school never received a direct threat; it was people warning them about this plot.”

Though organizers were not concerned about a terror plot, they were worried that QAnon believers might show up to guard the event. They ultimately decided to cancel it “out of an abundance of caution.”

“Not only is it disappointing that the cancellation of this event deprives the families of our school and community a day of fun and connection, but the Blue Marble Jubilee also serves as a fundraiser,” Grass Valley Charter School Foundation President Wendy Willoughby said in the statement provided to the Chronicle. “We now find ourselves not only out the potential dollars raised at the event, but also the money already spent in preparation.”

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