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Psst! How Bout That Al Gore? Shame He Isn’t Running. Or Is He?

The resuscitation of Al Gore will go down as one of the great, positive whisper campaigns of all time. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Here’s a man who only six months ago the whole media world was still deriding as the unhinged formerly wooden politician turned MoveOn firebrand who’d abandoned politics to head up a wonky/quixotic cable TV venture.

Now we’ve got Al Gore. The SNL-funny, self-effacing, deadly serious public citizen, whom everyone and their blog is clamoring for to run against Hillary in 2008.

Gore is fanning the flames of devotion perfectly, ruling out a presidential run one day, only to leave open the slightest possibility the next, all the while riding the massive wave of publicity stirred by his controversial global warming film. People take Gore and his movie seriously because he’s not running for anything. Meanwhile the populist outcry for the man who won in 2000 to give it another go is approaching a fever pitch.

Before you know it Al Gore, the “Comeback Kid” becomes Al Gore, “Back by Popular Demand.”

Let’s get real. This is a masterful PR campaign, and if it keeps up Gore will be the candidate to beat in the 08 primary.

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