Death at a Portland Protest: What You Need to Know

Events turned deadly on Saturday night after a “Trump 2020 Cruise Rally” came to Portland and a Patriot Prayer supporter was fatally shot

PORTLAND — A “Trump 2020 Cruise Rally,” comprised of hundreds of flag-waving pro-Trump pickup truck drivers, detoured into downtown Portland, Oregon, on Saturday night, setting off clashes between right- and left-wing protesters. Events turned deadly when a supporter of the far-right-wing group Patriot Prayer was shot and killed. Police have yet to formally identify either the victim or any leads on the shooter, but local media have surfaced the name of a suspect first identified by 4chan.

Here’s what you need to know.

What Preceded the Violence?
Portland has been the scene of nightly Black Lives Matter protests, with residents decrying the city’s notoriously racist and brutal police bureau, since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May. The protests have been sustained by what the Governor Kate Brown has described as “senseless cycle of violence,” in which police have met protests against police brutality with ever-more brutal policing — responding to individual law-breakers and agitators within crowds by indiscriminately firing tear gas and riot munitions against nonviolent protesters. Portland’s mayor, Ted Wheeler, is also the police commissioner. He has foundered, unable to lead a policy response that appeases the activists in the streets, while failing to restrain a police bureau that plainly does not see itself as a legitimate target for protest.