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Paul Patrol! Paul Patrol!

Reader Cory makes sense of Ron Paul’s platform to dismantle federal government.

Cory | 7/17/2007, 12:46 pm EST

I think the point is missed in Paul’s objections to various government departments. Aside from the IRS, a department created via the 16th amendment, all other departments are not created or specified in the Constitution.

Obvious to point out that at the time of creation, the Constitution would not see the need for Dept of Homeland Security (as the militia would serve that purpose), the Dept of Education, etc.

Unfortunately, the separation of Federalist and Republic (e.g.: state’s rights) has been lost on the American population. The advocating of dissolving various departments is NOT necessarily an argument against the function they presumably provide, or are supposed to. The argument is against the central and federal ‘œone-size-fits-all’ approach to problem domains….

Let the states, communities, and collectives determine the appropriate and meaningful manner in which these functions should be tailored and applied…

In the end, please actually read the constitution (Article X and Article V), the real text of the amendments, and the full Declaration of Independence. Perhaps follow it up with some Federalist papers research. Then come make your point.


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