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Of Treason and Tunnel Vision

An honest question:

Why did the New York Times get the "treason" treatment for revealing the administration's not-so-secret surveilance of international banking records, but when the FBI's covert monitoring of Jihadi chat rooms was leaked last week…

Officials say the plot was uncovered more than a year ago by U.S. and Canadian intelligence agents watching a jihadist internet chat room. Officials say the suspects communicated freely, thinking that no one could track them.

…nobody made a peep?

Indeed, Why wasn't Dick Cheney "offended" by this leak too? Perhaps it's because the disclosure of could hardly have harmed our anti-terror efforts.

Because let's get serious: Anyone who is cunning enough to represent a true threat to our national security isn't going to be broadcasting the details of his incendiary plots on Jihad.com.


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