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Obama’s Recovery Vision

Obama clearly views crisis as opportunity. Much of his sweeping agenda for technology and energy efficiency has been neatly repackaged here as stimulus.

I must say I love not only the bridge and road construction but also the modernization / high-tech upgrades he’s plotting for schools and hospitals and doctors’ offices. This is going to be a recovery plan that targets not just guys in hard hats and orange highway vests but IT professionals and software engineers, window installers and roofers.

The focus on energy efficiency of government itself is a no-brainer but also the kind of wonky green reform long advocated by Henry Waxman and his man-in-the-White House Phil Schiliro.

What’s also striking about these measures is how many of them target climate change, but how little Obama is having to do to sell them as such … they already make sense on simple economic terms.

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