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Obama on Trump: ‘I Don’t Think He’ll End Up Being President’

“He is, you know, the classic reality TV character and, at this early stage, it’s not surprising that he’s gotten a lot of attention,” president says of mogul

Even before Donald Trump became the Republican presidential frontrunner, the mogul became the darling of some GOP voters by very publicly demanding to see President Barack Obama‘s birth certificate. While Trump will no longer discuss that incident – “I don’t talk about that anymore,” he told Stephen Colbert recently – Obama unloaded on his one-time antagonist during a 60 Minutes interview that aired Sunday, calling the candidate a “great publicity-seeker” and “the classic reality TV character.” Obama also said flatly of Trump’s Oval Office hopes, “I don’t think he’ll end up being president of the United States.”

“I think that he is a great publicity-seeker and at a time when the Republican party hasn’t really figured out what it’s for, as opposed to what it’s against,” Obama told 60 Minutes‘ Steve Kroft. “I think that he is tapped into something that exists in the Republican party that’s real. I think there is genuine anti-immigrant sentiment in the large portion of at least Republican primary voters. I don’t think it’s uniform. He knows how to get attention. He is, you know, the classic reality TV character and, at this early stage, it’s not surprising that he’s gotten a lot of attention.”

In the 60 Minutes interview, Obama also discussed the situation in Syria, Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, Vice President Joe Biden’s potential presidential bid and whether he’s relieved to be leaving the Oval Office when his term ends in 2016.

“You go into your last year and I think it’s bittersweet. On the one hand, I am very proud of what we’ve accomplished and it makes me think, I’d love to do some more. But by the time I’m finished, I think it will be time for me to go,” Obama said. “Because there’s a reason why we considered George Washington one of our greatest presidents. He set a precedent, saying that when you occupy this seat, it is an extraordinary privilege, but the way our democracy is designed, no one person is indispensable. And ultimately you are a citizen. And once you finish with your service, you go back to being a citizen.”

However, Obama admitted that, if he were permitted to run for a third term as president, he thinks he would be reelected again.

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