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Note on the ‘Observer’ Profile

So, Max Abelson of the New York Observer has written a profile of me which is out today, and there’s one quote in there that I felt needed some clarification. I expressed myself in a very clumsy way at one point in my talk with Max.

In the article I mentioned that I grew up around journalists, that all my father’s friends were journalists. Many of the adults I knew growing up were in the business. In the piece I say, ‘I never wanted to be like these people,” but what I meant to say is that as a child I never wanted to be in their business. My parents and their journalist friends were my role models growing up, and to this day my father’s old co-workers from places like channels 5 and 7 in Boston and channel 2 here in New York are people I love and respect as family, and I would be a very happy person if at the end of my life I could say that I ended up being like them. I am very sorry if the Observer piece conveyed any other impression, that was not my intention at all.


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