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Much Ado About Nothing?

Watching the inestimable Chuck Todd do his delegate math on MSNBC, it appears that Rhode Island and Vermont canceled each other out. Ohio may have netted Hillary as many as 7 delegates. Despite losing the popular vote in Texas, however, it appears that Obama will come out of the Lone Star state with a net handful of delegates — thanks to the caucus and the primary’s funky delegate distribution process that favors the big cities.

Todd even held out the possibility that Obama won more delegates tonight.

Yes, Hillary got some confetti. And lord knows there will be airtime starting tomorrow morning. But it appears that the Obama delegate lead remains unchallenged.

And with only 12 contests remaining, here’s the fundamental question: Where does she make up that ground?

UPDATE: Obama spokesman Bill Burton just made the point that tonight’s delegate stalemate just means an even tougher uphill climb for Clinton moving forward.

‘Tonight was the Clinton campaign’s last best chance to make a significant dent in our lead in pledged delegates and they have failed.  In our latest projections, we will win the Texas caucus with a double-digit margin and any pledged delegate shift will be absolutely minimal.  In fact, Clinton’s chances of regaining the delegate lead actually decreased tonight, as the number of delegates remaining dwindles.’


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