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Mitt Romney’s Most Out-of-Touch Moments

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Mitt Romney drew plenty of chuckles and faux-outrage recently when, during a campaign stop in New Hampshire, he smilingly said: “I like to be able to fire people who provide services to me.” His Republican rivals were quick to jump all over his remarks as those of a cold-hearted multimillionaire predatory capitalist out of touch with the concerns of ordinary Americans. (An inwardly-rejoicing Rick Santorum, for one, sternly noted that this was “not a good message” for voters to hear at a time of grinding economic hardship.) Romney tried to clarify that he was talking about “firing” health insurance companies that offer inadequate coverage (so everybody pipe down).

And maybe he had a point. But the thing is, Romney does come across like a guy whose daily struggles, whatever they may be, don’t relate in any way to money, and who isn’t the greatest at “relating” to the plight of your average voter, circa 2012. And it’s not just his history as a job-slashing private equity titan. It’s his comic habit of demonstrating his out-of-touchness time and time again, by, say, challenging an opponent to a $10,000 bet, or to digging around in his wallet for ages to find anything smaller than a hundred dollar bill, or … well, check out our all-new “Mitt’s Most Out-of-Touch Moments” slideshow and see for yourself.

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