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Melania Trump: Billy Bush ‘Egged On’ Donald to Make Sexual Assault Comments

“I have two boys at home. I have my young son, and I have my husband,” Melania Trump tells Anderson Cooper of nominee’s “boy talk”

Donald Trump‘s wife Melania sat down with CNN’s Anderson Cooper Monday to discuss the “boy talk” in the leaked 2005 video, the “dishonest” media and the “negativity” plaguing social media.

On the subject of the leaked Access Hollywood tape, where Donald Trump said famous people can do things to women like “grab them by the pussy,” Melania echoed her husband’s statement that it was simply “locker room talk.”

“As you can see from the tape, the cameras were not on, only the mic, and I wonder if they even knew that the mic was on, because they were kind of a boy talk, and he was led on, like egg[ed] on, from the host to say dirty and bad stuff,” Melania said.

Billy Bush, the former Access Hollywood reporter who engaged Trump in the conversation, was immediately suspended from his Today role by NBC and, on Monday, parted ways with the network.

“It’s kind of two teenage boys; actually, they should behave better,” Melania said of the tape. When Cooper pointed out that Trump was 59 at the time of the Access Hollywood interview, Melania responded, “Correct, and sometimes I said, I have two boys at home. I have my young son, and I have my husband. But I know how some men talk, and that’s how I saw it.”

Melania added that she “was not surprised that the tape came out.” “It’s many people from the opposite side, they want to damage the campaign. Why now? Why after so many years? Why three weeks before the election,” she wondered.

However, Melania stopped short of blaming the Clinton campaign for leaking the video, instead opting to pin it on another Trump adversary.

“It was the media,” Melania said. “It was NBC. It was Access Hollywood. It was left wing media. You could see that. The way it comes out, everything was organized. Every Friday, every Friday, something comes out… I watched TV, it was hour after hour bashing him, because they want to influence the American people how to vote.”

Melania added, “I didn’t expect media would be so dishonest and so mean.”

As for the allegations of sexual assault against the nominee that have emerged in recent weeks, Melania said of the accusations, “My husband is kind and a gentleman, and he would never do that.”

The potential future First Lady also discussed bullying and negativity plaguing social media, although she stopped short of implicating her own husband’s mean-spirited Twitter activity.

“It’s very damaging for the children. We need to guide them and teach them about social media, because I see a lot of negativity on it, and we need to help them,” Melania said of social media. “It has some positive effects as well, because this is the life we live now, but has a lot of negativity as well, and I see more and more children hurt by it… bullying.”

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