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McCain the Executive

As I wrote about in my latest piece for the magazine, you can learn a lot about the executive talents of a prospective president by the way he runs his campaign. In the case of John McCain, this story from The NYT this morning, should give us all pause.

Mr. McCain is uncomfortable firing people or banishing them entirely. His orbit remains filled with people who have been demoted without being told they are being demoted, like Mr. Davis, who continues to hold the title of campaign manager even as Mr. Schmidt manages the campaign.

Contrast that with what a high-powered Obama deputy told me, contrasting this Democratic campaign to the experience of the Gore and Kerry bids:

“There’s not this kind of constant sniping attempt to push your agenda through. There’s this trust that we all know our pieces. Other campaigns waste so much time on second-guessing and wondering what’s really gonna happen — who’s really in charge. There’s none of that around here.”


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