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Jimmy Dore on Media Bias and Today’s Podcast Boom

On this week’s episode of Useful Idiots, the comedian and podcaster discusses corruption and bias within news networks.

In the latest episode of our Useful Idiots podcast, Matt Taibbi and Katie Halper sit down with comedian and podcaster Jimmy Dore to discuss his show (which he describes as “What The Daily Show would be if it wasn’t hosted by a millionaire”) and media bias. Fueling Dore’s work is his frustration that, today, many news networks are funded by the very people that reporters are supposed to be analyzing and exposing. This fault, he theorizes, has actually made space for podcasts to flourish.

The Useful Idiots co-hosts also break down the recent fact-checking controversy between the Washington Post and Bernie Sanders, discussing what happens when systemic bias infiltrates those who are supposed to uphold objective fact.

You can find the show on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.


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