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CPAC Chairman Tells Bill Maher, Trump Kept Big Promises, So His Crimes Don’t Matter

What “If Obama Did It”…

Conservative right-wing activist and chairman of the American Conservative Union, Matt Schlapp, appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher Friday night and did what all of President Trump’s apologists do: compromise away all of the president’s bad behavior because he kept promises that conservatives hold dear.

Schlapp is an experienced right wing spinster. As he proudly mentioned during the interview, he’ll go on any cable news show, left-leaning or right, to spread a conservative ideology, even at the expense of the truth. As he said to Maher, “It’s actually pretty important… It was a pretty close election [in 2016] and an election can be determined on these strategies. You should be smart enough to go everywhere you need to go.”

After hitting on some newsy topics where Schlapp consistently made excuses for Trump, Maher brought out a faux book entitled “If Obama Did It” and proceeded to recite a laundry list of the current president’s awful policies, missteps, lies, and treasonous acts, while asking Schlapp to respond to the book’s title:

  • If his campaign manager went to jail
  • If his lawyer went to jail
  • If his national security adviser went to jail
  • If his albino assassin Roger Stone went to jail
  • If he had an affair with a porn star and paid hush money to a porn star
  • If he used an unsecured phone
  • If he gloated with the Russians in his office after firing the head of the FBI
  • If he had unchaperoned talks with Putin
  • If he said “I believe Putin”
  • If he gave his children jobs in the administration

Schlapp, of course, did not respond to any specific instances that Maher mentioned. He continued with his ends-justify-the-means schtick that has become the only plausible way to support this president. However, even with the numbness most of Trump’s detractors have likely felt dealing with the constant daily bombardment of crazy news, hearing some of Trump’s indiscretions read aloud to a conservative to watch him squirm is entertaining.

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