Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Latest Conspiracy Theory Is That the Left Is Torching Food Facilities

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Marjorie Taylor Greene famously alleged in 2018 that the California wildfires were started intentionally by a laser fired from a satellite controlled by a Jewish family. Greene is in Congress now, but she’s still pushing conspiracy theories that globalists are deliberately starting catastrophic fires to advance their agenda.

The target this time around is the nation’s food supply. Nearly two dozen food processing plants have gone up in flames this year. This isn’t out of the ordinary — there are thousands of fires at manufacturing facilities every year, according to the National Fire Protection Association — but the blazes have drawn extra attention because of the food shortage. Greene is among several conspiracy theorists to suggest foul play may be afoot, writing in a tweet earlier this week that the fires are “supposedly” random while making a point about how “our food supplies are in trouble.”

Greene elaborated during an appearance on Infowars earlier this week, suggesting to Alex Jones that Democrats are starting the fires on purpose in order to deprive the nation of food, which would be advantageous for them because they’re playing some sort of globalist long game and don’t want anything to be manufactured in America … or something like that. It’s not totally clear. “The Biden administration and the Democrats … are destroying the very important, most critical part of the fabric of America, and that is our farmers,” Greene ranted. “They’re doing it on purpose. They want to be the global economy. They want to be completely involved. And here we have these ‘random,’ supposedly accidental fires at food processing plants.”

Jones then cut Greene off to note that the he’s talked to “statisticians” and that it’s “mathematically impossible” for processing plants to be catching fire like they have been so far this year. “Everything the globalists are doing is about destroying real sustainability and making things collapse to bring in their new world order,” he said, with Greene nodded in agreement.

Jones has been banned from just about every notable social media channel in existence, and has long been embroiled in a legal quagmire for lying that the Sandy Hook massacre was staged. His conspiracy theorizing may bubble up through right-wing networks, but Jones himself doesn’t have a massive mainstream audience. Tucker Carlson, the most influential figure in conservative media, does, and Jones noted that the Fox News host has also been rousing suspicion about the fires at processing plants.

Here’s Carlson in April, wrapping a plane crash at a General Mills plant into the conspiracy for good measure. He also cited a boiler explosion at a potato chip factory in Oregon, along with the fires. “Industrial accidents happen, but this is a lot of industrial accidents at processing facilities at the same time the president is warning us about food shortages,” he mused. “They’re getting hit by planes and catching fire? What is going on here?”

There are tens of thousands of food processing facilities across the United States, and if Democrats for some totally insane, illogical reason wanted to cause a food shortage in an election year, one would think there would be a more effective way to go about it than rigging a boiler to explode in Oregon, sabotaging mechanical equipment at a few factories and hoping it catches fire, and orchestrating a kamikaze Cessna crash into a parking lot outside a General Mills facility.

It doesn’t make a lick of sense, but that’s never stopped Carlson from asking the important questions. “I’m sorry,” a disgusted Carlson said eventually. “The onus is on people who think this is a conspiracy theory to explain what is going on. What are the odds of that? I don’t know.”

It’s a question Tucker Carlson Tonight could have answered very, very easily. According to National Fire Protection Association data, the annual average of fires at manufacturing and processing facilities across the U.S. from 2015 to 2019 was 5,308. “There have been approximately 20 fires in U.S. food processing facilities in the first four months of 2022, which is not extreme at all and does not signal anything out of the ordinary,” NFPA spokeswoman Susan McKelvey told “The recent inquiries around these fires appears to be a case of people suddenly paying attention to them and being surprised about how often they do occur. But NFPA does not see anything out of the ordinary in these numbers.”

Carlson — along with Greene, Jones, and other conspiracy theorists pushing the idea that “they” are torching processing facilities — don’t want to know any of this, though, because as long as there aren’t answers to the questions they’re asking, they’re able to fill it in themselves with the idea that Democrats are responsible. It doesn’t make any sense, but that’s beside the point.