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When Republican strategist Frank Luntz broke down the Republican field for me earlier this year, he left me with this memorable quote:

“If George Allen hadn’t been such an idiot he’d be smiling pretty right now. He had the best best message. He was the most electable. He was the guy who could have made it through the primary and the general election and, boy, will he never forget that word.”

Well, Mr. Macaca has found a vehicle into which he can pour his frustrated presidential energies: Fred Thompson. Allen and veepy daughter Liz Cheney have stepped up to co-chair Thompson’s listless campaign.

Normally I’m not much for following the uber-insider comings and goings of top campaign staff. But the endorsement by Allen really establishes Thompson’s as the Southern Christian Right candidacy of ’08.

It’s a blow to Mitt Romney’s hopes, certainly. And Allen may just help Fred Dalton Thompson brush up on his campaign skills and, you know, the issues. A lot has changed since Thompson was last engaged in an active campaign — back in 1995 — and Allen may just be key to Fred’s knocking the rust off, and avoiding S.N.A.F.U.’s like this one.


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