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Lame Duck Swims in Rivers of Cash

Looking toward 2006, Democratic partisans have been rejoicing in Bush’s Nixonesque poll numbers. Unlike 2002, when Bush the prodigious campaigner stumped for Congressional hopefuls in tight races, the race this November can’t be “presidentialized” —or so the story goes.

This piece from the Wall Street Journal is generating lots of buzz around the blogosphere: Look! Pennsylvania Rep. Curt Weldon doesn’t even want to be seen with Bush. With his poll numbers so low, even Weldon says of Bush: “there’s nothing the president can do to help me.”

That’s not exactly true, not by a long shot. For all his unpopularity, Bush hasn’t lost his gift for fundraising. The GOP strategy according to the Journal?

So far, they are putting Mr. Bush on the road to raise huge amounts of cash —the $100 million-plus he has raised exceeds the amounts he generated at this point in the past two election cycles —much of it for state and national committees that can, in turn, contribute to endangered candidates.

That’s an awesome war chest. Howard Dean can’t touch that. No wonder James Carville is nervous.

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