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Karl Rove Rips Trump: ‘Americans Don’t Like Sore Losers’

Trump is “not helping himself or the country,” the former deputy chief of staff to George W. Bush told Fox News viewers

Karl Rove Rips Trump: ‘Americans Don’t Like Sore Losers’Karl Rove Rips Trump: ‘Americans Don’t Like Sore Losers’


Karl Rove had some advice for the man who consistently claims to “not like losers” – Americans do not like sore losers and Trump “is on the edge of looking like a sore loser.”

After Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked the former deputy chief of staff to George W. Bush if he expects the outgoing president to continue to contest the election past Monday when the Electoral College formally casts their ballots for president and vice president, Rove used the opportunity to speak to Trump’s endgame, and offered some unsolicited advice.

“If his goal is to lay the predicate to come back in 2024 and run again, he’s helping himself at least gain the nomination.” Rove said, “But I think in the long run, he’s not helping himself or the country. America likes comebacks, but they don’t like sore losers. And he is on the edge of looking like a sore loser and probably will look like it after January 6th.”

On January 6th the electors’ ballots will be counted by Congress and President-elect Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th President on January 20.

Rove wasn’t the only Republican (not in office) to lay into Trump on Sunday morning. Chris Christie panned the president’s legal arguments as “an absurdity” and asked Trump to “show us the evidence” that the election should be overturned.

“Well, listen, the legal theory put forward by [Trump’s] legal team and by the president is an absurdity,” the former governor continued, “And the reason why the Supreme Court didn’t take [the Texas lawsuit] is because it’s an absurd idea to think that any state or any number of states, no matter how good they are, can challenge another state’s right to run the election as they see fit. And also, there’s no evidence, as I’ve been saying, since election night. Show us the evidence.”

Christie also shined a light on Trump’s hypocrisy by giving examples of how easily the president has turned on Republican governors he once praised but is now trashing because they won’t go along with his election fraud scheme.

“And what’s gotten even worse, though, Martha, I think is the attacks by the president on good, hardworking, decent Republican governors. And you’ve seen his attitude towards these folks change,” Christie said.

Christie went on to say that Trump is lying about the governors that the president now refers to as RINOs (Republican in name only).

Republicans speaking out against Trump’s war on democracy is all fine and good but most sitting Republicans refuse to grow a spine. Instead, as Rove mentioned, most see Trump as the party’s leader and have thrown their full support behind his campaign of lies. Just this week, before the Supreme Court’s decision not to hear the Texas suit, over 100 House Republicans, more than half the caucus, signed onto the amicus brief asking courts to invalidate millions of votes from four swing states won by President-elect Joe Biden.


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