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Kamala Harris Lays Out Trump’s ‘Rap Sheet’ in Fiery Speech

“Let’s prosecute the case!” she told the audience

The former state attorney general, current senator from California and Democratic candidate for president Kamala Harris has proven her prosecutorial chops to a more national audience from the perch on the dais during senate hearings. She’s had viral moments using studious and precise questions while attempting to hold both then-SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Attorney General William Barr accountable. On Saturday, Harris reversed her more methodical approach and came out swinging, going directly after President Donald Trump in a fiery speech at the South Carolina Democratic Convention.

“We have in this White House a president who says he wants to make America great again. Well, what does that mean? Does that mean he wants to take us back to before schools were integrated? Does that mean he wants to take us back to before the Voting Rights Act was enacted? Does that mean he wants to take us back before the Civil Rights Act was enacted? Does he mean he wants to take us back before Roe v. Wade was enacted? Because we’re not going back. We’re not going back,” Harris said forcefully.

Harris then seem to subtly pivot to the latest sexual assault accusations directed at Trump without mentioning it directly. “I also had a career as a prosecutor. So, let me tell you a little bit about that. I know how to take on predators,” she said. Harris talked about successes she’s had prosecuting big banks, for-profit colleges, oil companies and “transnational criminal organizations who are preying on women and children.” Harris continued, “I know how to get that job done and I did it for the people.”

The candidate then made the case that a prosecutor should be the one to take on Trump in the general election. “So let me tell you, we need somebody on our stage when it comes time for that general election who knows how to recognize a rap sheet when they see it and prosecute the case.” Harris said.

From there she prosecuted the sitting president in rapid fashion:

“So, let’s read that rap sheet, shall we?” she began. “He asked black Americans, he said, what do you have to lose? Well, we know civil rights investigations are down, hate crimes are up, we had a lot to lose.

“Let’s look at that rap sheet. Where he told working people that he would help them but instead passed a tax bill benefiting the top one percent and the biggest corporations of this country. Said he would help the farmers, but passed what I call the Trump trade tax, Trump trade policy by tweet. And now we’ve got farmers who have soybeans rotting in bins and auto workers who may be out of their job by the end of the year.

“Let’s look at that rap sheet. Where he said he would give everyone healthcare but he’s still trying to rip healthcare away from folks and turn back the clock on Obamacare.

“Let’s talk about looking at that rap sheet, where he has embraced dictators like Kim Jong-Un and Putin and taken their word over the word of the American intelligence community.”

She then exclaimed, “Let’s prosecute the case!” One thing is for certain after her performance today, Harris is going to fight hard for the nomination. And if she wins, Trump had better look out. A fire-breathing former attorney general wants to “prosecute the case.”

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