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Jon Ossoff Talks With Rasheeda About What Dems Can Achieve If They Win Georgia Runoffs

“There will be a big difference in your daily life depending on the outcome here,” candidate says

With just one day to go before the crucial Georgia runoff elections, Democratic Senate candidate Jon Ossoff spoke with rapper Rasheeda for Rolling Stone’s Georgia Talks series about what the Democrats can achieve if he and Rev. Raphael Warnock are elected to the United States Senate.

As Ossoff reiterated, if he and Warnock prevail, the Democrats would effectively control the Senate with 50 votes and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris serving as the tiebreaker. That would make it all the easier for President-elect Joe Biden to enact an agenda that could include sweeping reforms and improvements in numerous areas.

“The last year has really brought home that it is truly a matter of life and death,” Ossoff said. “The tangible, human stakes, the real-life consequences when we are led by fools, and when we are led by people who are more concerned with their own enrichment than they are with the financial well-being of the families that pay their salary.”

He continued: “We can get direct financial relief to people fast, and I know that this incoming administration wants to do it. But if we don’t win these Senate races, they’re gonna block help for the people because they’re not going to want to relieve suffering. If the Republicans hold the Senate, they’re gonna block it just because it’s in their political interest to block it.”

While pandemic relief was at the top of Ossoff’s list, he rattled off an array of other issues Democrats would be able to tackle as well with control of the Senate: raising the minimum wage, building new health clinics, re-opening hospitals that have closed, Civil Rights legislation to reform the justice system and policing, improving public schools, and expanding Pell Grants to make college more affordable.

When Rasheeda asked Ossoff to give one last bit of encouragement to those in Georgia who haven’t voted yet, he replied: “First, these elections are going to be super, super close. Every vote will count, every vote will matter, and we saw in November how every vote mattered. And the second is, there will be a big difference in your daily life depending on the outcome here.”

Go to or text VOTE to 51050 to figure out your voting plan.

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