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Jay-Z, Wyclef Rock Voter Registration Rally in Miami

“Get registered, get focused, make sure we vote,” Jay-Z told the crowd at his “Last Chance for Change” voter registration concert yesterday in Miami. “My job is not to tell you who to vote for — I’m voting for Barack Obama — but the important thing is to get registered and make sure our voices be heard.” Jigga balanced all the political talk with high-powered versions of “Roc Boys” and “Say Hello.” Before his a cappella version of “Minority Report,” a photo of George W. Bush was shown on the video screen, prompting boos and chants of Obama from the crowd. Before Jay-Z’s set, the audience was treated to a surprise set by Wyclef Jean, who echoed his support of Obama. “I just got back from Africa, I just got back from Brazil,” Wyclef rapped. “It’s so funny, everyone I talk to, says the next president is Barack Obama.” With today’s deadline for voter registration, Jay-Z scheduled another last-minute rally in the swing state of Florida today. Check out the video above for highlights from the Sunday performance.

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