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Jake Tapper Rips Into Trump for Ignoring Russian Bounties Story

The CNN host also blasted the media for not raising the issue with the president during recent interviews

Jake Tapper Rips Into Trump for Ignoring Russian Bounties StoryJake Tapper Rips Into Trump for Ignoring Russian Bounties Story

CNN's Jake Tapper.


On Sunday, CNN’s Jake Tapper called out the president and scolded those in the media who’ve recently interviewed Trump while ignoring the explosive story that Russia was offering bounty payments to the Taliban for killing American soldiers in Afghanistan.

Tapper began his editorial by playing video clips of some of Trump’s nonsensical ramblings during his recent spurt of interviews with several Fox News hosts.

“President Trump has been talking quite a bit about many different topics this last week, curiously bragging about passing a test to determine whether he has dementia,” the host said while showing a clip of Trump’s now-infamous “person, woman, man, camera, TV” moment.

Tapper also accused Trump of “lying once again about how he was booed at a charity event in 2015, an event he has not attended since 2011,” while playing a clip of the president telling the fabricated story he often repeats.

Tapper then took Trump, and some in the media, to task for making time for superficial matters but not addressing the three U.S. Marines who were killed in Afghanistan in 2018. The host noted that those Marines may have lost their lives in connection with the alleged Russian bounties placed on coalition forces, including U.S. and British military members, according to The New York Times.

“Nowhere in the president’s comments nor in the questions to him in these one-on-one interviews was there any mention of three U.S. Marines who are worth discussion,” Tapper said.

The host continued, “That’s right. Even in the wake of this news, interviewers posed questions about tweets, questions about whether the president is too mean to the interviewer. Nothing about the Russia bounty story or those three marines. Not one word.”

Tapper mentioning being “too mean to the interviewer” was a direct shot at Fox News’ Chirs Wallace who received wide praise for his interview with Trump last Sunday. But Tapper noticed the Russian bounties omission and mocked Wallace about it via Twitter on Sunday:

Tapper then went after Trump for seeming not to ask Russian President Vladimir Putin about the matter, even though the two reportedly speak often.

“The president spoke with Vladimir Putin this week. Did Mr. Trump raise the matter? White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who took time Friday to falsely claim that the children’s cartoon ‘PAW Patrol’ had been canceled because of cancel culture—a lie—would not comment on whether the president raised the issue with Putin,” Tapper said, adding, “And she ignored a question about whether the president had made a determination about the intelligence, which she called ‘unverified,’ which is a relatively meaningless term when it comes to gathering intelligence.”

Tapper also addressed how consistently the Trump administration finds grievances to complain about, but again, has gone silent on the deaths of these U.S. soldiers.

“The president and the White House express outrage about any number of matters ranging from children’s cartoons to female journalists of color, asking tough questions to people who don’t like statues honoring dead, treasonous racists. Russia allegedly working to kill our troops in Afghanistan somehow does not rise to the level of comment,” Tapper said.

The host finished by again calling out both the media and Trump, saying that those who risk their lives for America deserve better.

“And the very least interviewers can do is ask the president about those who serve and sacrifice for us. They deserve it. I don’t know that we deserve them,” Tapper concluded.

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