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Iowa GOP Debate: What We Learned

Eight GOP presidential hopefuls faced off last night in a feisty two-hour debate in Iowa. In case you missed it, here’s a useful highlight reel put together by the folks at TPM.

Commentary-wise, judgments as to who “won” and “lost,” and what mattered and didn’t, are pretty uniform across the political spectrum. Here, a few broadly agreed-upon themes:

• Nobody really laid a glove on Romney, who “sauntered unscathed through his second consecutive debate.” [Politico]

• Bachmann came out of the debate “with some battle scars but still retaining her frontrunner status.” [Washington Post]

• Tim Pawlenty again showed that “he doesn’t have what it takes to perform on the presidential campaign trail.” [Yglesias]

• Jon Huntsman “seemed badly out of [his] league.” [Charlie Cook/National Journal]

• To everybody’s surprise, the Fox News moderators “presented a first-class, rousing and illuminating debate.”  [Baltimore Sun]

Finally, a few handy recaps:

GOP Fight Night: The Top Five Moments [TPM]

The ‘fiery’ Iowa presidential debate: Winners and losers [The Week]

What You Missed in the Primary Season’s Third Republican Debate [New York/Daily Intel]


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