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‘In a Stunning Departure From Reality’ Trump Grades Himself A+ on Virus Response

Bob Woodward called the president’s assessment “embarrassing”

‘In a Stunning Departure From Reality’ Trump Grades Himself A+ on Virus Response‘In a Stunning Departure From Reality’ Trump Grades Himself A+ on Virus Response

Courtesy of CNN

As the CNN graphic tabulating coronavirus dead neared 200,000, the news network’s White House reporter described to the audience how utterly removed from reality the president of the United States actually is.

“In a stunning departure from reality, President Trump is giving himself the best possible grade for his handling of the coronavirus,” Jim Acosta said before rolling audio of Trump telling Fox News on Monday that he would give himself an A+ on his management of the pandemic.

The absurd claim is just another example of Trump’s lie until they believe it lifetime con, which his supporters somehow continue to buy. Following Acosta’s report, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interviewed Bob Woodward about his blockbuster book about the president. In a recorded call with the journalist from July, the president gave himself the same preposterous grade.

Woodward: “So, what grade do you give yourself on the virus for the last six, seven months?”

Trump: “Other than the public relations, which is impossible because it’s a fake media. Fake. They’re fake. I know you disagree, but I think you agree with me, but you’re not gonna say it… I give ourselves an A.”

The president continued, “If we come up with the vaccines and the therapeutics, then I give myself an A-plus.”

Blitzer then cited harrowing statistics, showing the total disregard Trump has for human life.

“Nearly 60,000 Americans have died between that interview and today. But he still gives himself an A-plus. In fact, more people have died in the United States over these past seven months than any other country in the world,” Blitzer said, then asked, “So what is he talking about?”

Woodward responded bluntly: “Well, quite frankly, Wolf, it’s embarrassing.”



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