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Illegal Food

Here’s the fundamental truth about illegal immigration. Without undocumented workers we don’t eat.

Illegal aliens pick our food. They slaughter our food. They pack our food. They prepare our food in restaurants. They clean our plates when we’re done. The entire industrialized American food chain is fueled by the cheap labor of undocumented workers. From your morning OJ to your boneless, skinless chicken-breast dinner. Even that glass of wine you had as a nightcap. All coming to you by the grace of illegal labor.

Consider that the May Day protests forced the closure of more than two dozen Tyson, Cargill and Purdue meatpacking plants —which employ more than 20,000 people, at mostly nasty, dangerous, finger- and limb-threatening jobs.

Why isn’t the Justice Department launching an investigation into the hiring practices of these firms, who evidently flout prohibitions against hiring illegals? Because no one in Washington is actually serious about ending illegal immigration. They’re just interested in exploiting the issue to maximum electoral effect.


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