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How Sweep It Is: Obama Earns Big Mo Down East, Down South, On the Range, The Islands, and the Puget Sound

Obama’s 59/40 rout in Maine’s caucuses was easily his most impressive victory of a monster weekend. His margin of victory — in what should have been Hillary country — was only one percentage point smaller than his win in Louisiana.

To recap, Obama went 5-for-5 this weekend — including his romp in the Virgin Islands, where he picked up all three delegates.

According to David Plouffe’s numbers, Obama gained 57 delegates on Hillary Clinton, stretching his earned delegate lead to 84 over HRC.

He won in races on each coast — East, West and Gulf — as well as another victory in the Heartland.

Obama may ultimately win the nomination; he may not. But consider the magnitude of this: A black man just won Nebraska and Louisiana in the same weekend, with the bigger blowout coming in Nebraska.

Makes you proud to be an American, doesn’t it?


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