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  • Bad news for “Representative #1“: A House aide has pleaded guilty to joining the Jack Abramoff conspiracy to bribe Ohio Republican Bob Ney.
  • The president declares the best part of his presidency to date was catching a big fish. The nation agrees: disapproval rating soars to a record 65%.
  • Placing his “War on Terror” above the tectonic struggles of the Cold War, the Decider has decided this is World War III. It seems the War President and Osama bin Laden share a similar worldview.
  • Al Gore is weighing a 2008 run. Says one Gore intimate: “I do know that he’s thinking about it. He’s talked to people about the pros and cons.”
  • Tainted by connections to Duke Cunningham and hookergate, CIA honcho Porter Goss steps down. In a move to solidify Rumsfeld’s grip on intelligence gathering, Bush nominates Air Force Gen. Michael Hayden as replacement.
  • In the dead of night, Bill Frist and Dennis Hastert secretly inserted a billion-dollar giveaway to vaccine makers into a defense spending bill. The language, crafted by the pharmaceutical makers themselves, grants blanket immunity from lawsuits, even in the case of “gross negligence.”
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