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Hillary Wishes You a Happy Passover

This morning, Hillary Clinton sent out a message for Passover, an act she’s repeated for nearly every holiday (Kwanzaa), anniversary (Virginia Tech, Good Friday Agreement), or special event (UN’s Durban II Racism Conference) since her campaign started over a year ago. (And with greater frequency, it seems, than the Obama and McCain campaigns combined.)

Here is a chunk of her statement:

I have always been inspired by the enduring words of the Haggadah: “In every generation, each of us must see ourselves as if we personally came out of Egypt.” It’s through remembering the past that we become strong and effective advocates for all who suffer the indignity and pain of servitude and injustice. I am deeply moved by this timeless cry to stand up to oppression, tyranny, and discrimination — wherever they are found.

I’m sorry, but is there anyone who really believes she’s ‘always been inspired by the enduring words of the Haggadah’? Please.

This is coming from someone who in recent months has been embarrassed for embellishing her foreign policy experience, “misspeaking” at length and in detail about her bravery under fire in Tuzla, even fibbing about her purported namesake, Sir Edmund Hillary (who was curiously an anonymous bee keeper in New Zealand when Hillary was born).

At a time when nearly half the American public thinks she’s a phony, this kind of over-the-top, say-anything pandering seems almost pathological.

This is why she’s losing, and this is why she will lose.

Hag Sameach to you too, Hillary. Hope you enjoy this Passover from a duck blind in Scranton, sipping on a cold sixpack, practicing the marksmanship your father taught you.


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