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Turns Out Herschel Walker, Who Questioned How Evolution Is Possible, Repeatedly Lied About His Academic Record

The Trump-endorsed Senate candidate has said he graduated from Georgia at the top of his class and that he was his high school’s valedictorian, claims for which there is no evidence

Herschel WalkerHerschel Walker

Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker speaks at a rally featuring former President Donald Trump, on Sept. 25, 2021 in Perry, Georgia.

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Herschel Walker, the former star running back who is now former President Trump’s pick for Senate in Georgia, repeatedly lied about his academic background, a CNN report found.

Walker in December admitted that he did not graduate from the University of Georgia after the Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported that he claimed to have done so on his website. It turns out, however, that this wasn’t the only time Walker had lied about graduating. CNN found that he also made the claim during during a 2017 motivational speech, and during an interview on Sirius XM radio the same year. He alleged that he not only graduated, but graduated in the top one percent of the class.

Walker left Georgia early to play in the United States Football League, and then the NFL. CNN cites stories from the time in which Walker said he maintained a B average at the school, and that he told the Chicago Tribune a few years later that he had a 3.0 GPA before his grades fell off.

CNN says Walker’s campaign did not offer any proof of his claim that he graduated in the top one percent of his class.

Walker’s website also at one point boasted that he graduated valedictorian of his high school. He made the same claim in his 2008 book Breaking Free: My Life with Dissociative Identity Disorder. “If I’m proud of anything I did in my high school career, it’s what I did in the classroom that I reflect on and relish the most,” he wrote. “I did more than just shed the ‘stupid’ label placed on me as a result of my speech impediment. I shed it, erased it, and rewrote it with the titles: Beta Club president and class valedictorian.”

Walker’s website no longer says he was valedictorian, only noting that he graduated at the “top of his class.”

If there’s any proof out there that Walker was, in fact, class valedictorian, it’s apparently hard to find. His campaign sought to minimize this. “There is not a single voter in Georgia who believes that whether Herschel graduated at the ‘top of his class’ or as Valedictorian 40 years ago has any bearing on his ability to be a great United States Senator,” Mallory Blount, Walker’s communications director, told CNN.

Walker would run against Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock should he win the GOP primary. Some Republicans, however, say his “baggage is too heavy,” and are trying to ensure his doesn’t win the nomination. Walker has been accused of domestic abuse, with his ex-wife claiming he once held a gun to her head and told her he was going to “blow [her] fucking brains out.”

Walker spoke at Trump’s rally in Georgia last week. “I’m sick and tired of them wanting to teach CTR in schools,” he said at the event, referring to critical race theory.

A few weeks earlier, Walker said he didn’t understand how humans could have evolved from apes while speaking at a church outside of Atlanta. “At one time science said, man came from apes. Did it not?” he wondered. “If that is true, why are there still apes? Think about it.”

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