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GOP: Nothing To Sell But Fear Itself

Ben Smith at Politico has a terrific scoop: He’s obtained a secret RNC fundraising power point presentation (.pdf). The presentation is revealing. In fact, it reads like a liberal caricature of the Republican party. Take a gander at page 29 and you’ll see what I mean: For small-dollar donors, the RNC relies on “reactionary,” “visceral giving” driven by “fear” and “extreme negative feelings toward existing Administration.” For big-dollar donors, the presentation is explicit about what the RNC offers in return: “Access” More stark, the presentation makes clear that the GOP’s pitch to America is not driven by ideas or a positive agenda. Just slander: If you’re having a hard time reading that, it says: “What can you sell when you do not have the White House, the House or the Senate….? Save the country from trending toward Socialism!”


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