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Glenn Beck’s Insane Rolling Stone Conspiracy Theory

Man, you can’t get anything past Glenn Beck. It took him no time to sniff out the conspiracy behind the revelations, reported this week by Rolling Stone, that a ‘kill team’ of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan murdered and mutilated innocent civilians for sport. (Get the full report, including  disturbing kill team photos the Pentagon tried to suppress, here.)


Have you seen these photos released? This one’s from Rolling Stone — the American “Kill Squads.” They’re horrifying. There’s a video of two Afghan civilians riding motorcycles being shot and killed. Horrifying.

These soldiers were allegedly keeping the body parts as trophies. OK, these guys are beyond scumbags that need to be punished. They’re almost — they’re psychos. OK?

There were five accused of murdering innocent civilians. Five. There were hundreds of thousands of soldiers. Yet, the headlines all say the same thing, “Kill Team,” thousands of pictures, leaving the impression that all of our troops are killers. Well, that’s simply not the truth.

But the problem isn’t really with Rolling Stone magazine. The problem is this came out at the same time we’re going into Libya. At least Der Spiegel came out. When did this come out? Oh, 3/29. Isn’t that weird? What an amazing timing, isn’t it?

You know here’s a couple of questions. Who’s releasing these photos? Where are these pictures coming from?

The first batch of pictures came from Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine. The latest batch, Rolling Stone, published 17 of the pictures.

The timing bothers me.

The Army allegedly learned about the photos as early as last May. In June, the Army announced one of the soldiers was facing murder charges. Then, in October, it said the soldier would be court-martialed.

Last Monday, Der Spiegel ran photos. That is so weird. You want a Pulitzer Prize? Hey, journalist, here’s a Pulitzer for you. Find out who despises our soldiers so much that they felt they needed to release these propaganda goldmines to the press at this particular time. So that five murderous scumbags can ruin the descent image of the rest of the 99.9 percent of American troops.

This has put our troops in danger. And made it harder for our troops in the Middle East. And the president stands behind France and England and doesn’t want to cause any trouble with that — that’s why he didn’t take the lead.

And then he announces in his first press conference that we’re taking charge and then he announces that we’re going to give it over to NATO. And then this morning, no, no, we haven’t decided — White House hasn’t decided whether we’re going to arm the rebels and yet the press is saying that those rebels are the same ones our soldiers were fighting over in Afghanistan and in Iraq.

Isn’t this weird? 


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