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Giuliani’s Peace-Through-War Platform

It’s hard to pick out the most troubling part of Rudy’s Foreign Affairs prowar manifesto, Toward a Realistic Peace, which puts Bush’s with-us-or-against-us doctrine on the express bus to Crazy Town: “The era of cost-free anti-Americanism must end.”

But let’s stick with Rudy’s most obvious piece of lunatic revisionism, about how we snatched defeat from the jaws of imminent victory in Vietnam:

Many historians today believe that by about 1972 we and our South Vietnamese partners had succeeded in defeating the Vietcong insurgency and in setting South Vietnam on a path to political self-sufficiency. But America then withdrew its support, allowing the communist North to conquer the South.

Question: Who among these “many historians” is not a resident scholar at the neocon temple, AEI?

The whole thing reads like a report on world politics written by a 10th grader who was home schooled by Richard Perle:

The world is a dangerous place. We cannot afford to indulge any illusions about the enemies we face. The Terrorists’ War on Us was encouraged by unrealistic and inconsistent actions taken in response to terrorist attacks in the past. A realistic peace can only be achieved through strength.

Makes Mitt “Double Guantanamo” Romney sound like Richard Hofstadter.


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