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Giuliani: Trump ‘Ordered Me’ to Work Unpaid for His Campaign After Election

When it comes to legal representation, the former president got what he paid for

Giuliani: Trump 'Ordered Me' to Work Unpaid for His Campaign After ElectionGiuliani: Trump 'Ordered Me' to Work Unpaid for His Campaign After Election

Rudy Giuliani pauses as he speaks at a news conference in support for the people of Cuba, on Monday, July 26th, 2021, at the Versailles Cuban restaurant in the Little Havana neighborhood of Miami.


All of the work Rudy Giuliani has done since November 2020 trying to prove that widespread fraud occurred during the election has reportedly been for free. The lawyer and former New York mayor revealed in a court deposition that he has been working for the Trump campaign free of charge after the election because the former president “ordered me to do it,” Business Insider reported Friday.

Giuliani made the admission during a deposition for a lawsuit filed against him and other Trump allies by Eric Coomer, a Dominion Voting Systems executive. In the suit, Coomer alleges that Giuliani and Sidney Powell, another attorney who worked for Trump and promoted election conspiracy theories, “made… Coomer… the face of their false [election] claims.”

During a deposition for the case, one of Coomer’s lawyers asked Giuliani if he ever received payment for representing the Trump campaign. Giuliani replied that he was not paid for his work for the campaign and only received reimbursements for expenses, which prompted Coomer’s attorney to ask why he would work without compensation.

“The president — the president ordered me to do it,” Giuliani said, according to Business Insider.

Giuliani’s admission he has been working for free is especially funny considering that The New York Times reported he asked Trump to pay him $20,000 per day for his work trying to overturn the election.

Giuliani said in his testimony that Trump brought him to the Oval Office on “either the 4th or the 5th” of November 2020, where he instructed him to “go over and take over the campaign, tell them you’re in charge.” Giuliani went on to file dozens of lawsuits on behalf of Trump alleging massive voter fraud with scant evidence, none of which was successful.

Trump may have been relieved that he was getting a free lawyer — especially considering all his other legal troubles — but according to Peril, the Bob Woodward and Robert Costa book about the Trump administration, Trump was not pleased that Giuliani was apparently his only choice for representation.

“None of the sane lawyers can represent me because they’ve been pressured,” Trump said, referring to Giuliani as “crazy” and a person who “says crazy shit,” according to the book. Maybe that’s why he insisted on a 100 percent discount on Giuliani’s rates.


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