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Fox Host’s Fear-Filled Rant: If Trump Wins, He and Other Conservatives Will Be Murdered

If Biden loses “there will be blood everywhere… people like me will be targeted,” Greg Gutfeld said

Fox Host's Fear-Filled Rant: If Trump Wins, He and Other Conservatives Will Be MurderedFox Host's Fear-Filled Rant: If Trump Wins, He and Other Conservatives Will Be Murdered

Fox host Greg Gutfeld.


In a bizarre rant, Fox’s Greg Gutfeld said that because the nation is so divided, the reelection of President Trump will turn Joe Biden supporters into blood-thirsty lunatics looking for murderous revenge against conservatives and right-wing talk show hosts like himself.

“If Biden loses, I’m being told that there will be blood everywhere. There will be riots. There will be demonstrations. People like me will be targeted,” Gutfeld raged.

What set the host off on Thursday were comments made by Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday where, during a conversation about Bob Woodward’s bombshell of a book about Trump, Pelosi told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell that she was looking forward to a Joe Biden presidency.

“I’m real excited about Joe Biden. I think he’s going to be a great president… But it won’t be long,” Pelosi said. “In eight weeks we’ll be celebrating the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, a Democratic Senate, a strengthened Democratic House of Representatives.”

Gutfeld began his fear-mongering by saying, “I hope that Nancy’s right that they win the Senate, the House and the presidency because that in that way I won’t be murdered.”

Gutfeld then explained, making a point to say that he was not exaggerating because the current environment is unlike past election seasons.

“We have to understand, and we have to predict these consequences. And in reality, I’m not joking. This isn’t Gore versus Bush or Clinton versus Bush or Mondale versus Reagan,” he said.

The host continued by claiming the Democrats and the media are framing themselves as the good guys, which in turn means, according to Gutfeld’s logic, a Trump win would then trigger their self-anointed righteous supporters to “take to the streets and punish the evil” conservatives.

“The Dems and the media have portrayed this election as good versus evil — it’s actually been said that way on this show,” Gutfeld said. “Which means that if Trump wins, if Nancy is wrong, it’s almost required that the good take to the streets and punish the evil because this is the terminology that’s being used by the media, talking heads, entertainers, anchors, House and Senate Democrat leaders.”

Later in his panic-filled lecture Gutfeld, maybe realizing how bombastic his words were, pivoted into a we-need-to-come-together stream of consciousness, saying that the media and leaders need to “diffuse the situation” that he just made up out of thin air.

“This is why I say the media and our leaders have to come together and discuss a way to diffuse the situation because we’ve only got 50 days,” he said. “We’ve been using demonic language to marginalize half the country and they are going to get hurt if Trump wins.”

Of course, the bomb-throwing host, who appears daily on a highly-rated hate-spewing network placed no blame himself and took no responsibility for the current environment he claims can’t handle a Trump win. And criticizing Biden for his framing of the election is rich coming from Gutfeld considering Trump, the president he supports, called his then-opponent Hillary Clinton “in a certain way, evil” in 2016.


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